Advanced NSCLC Combination Treatment


In patients with advanced NSCLC with no EGFR, ALK, or ROS1 aberrations

Significantly EXTENDED SURVIVAL: Median OS of 21.9 months

with LIBTAYO + chemo* vs 13.0 months with chemo in EMPOWER-Lung 31,2

LIBTAYO + chemotherapy vs chemotherapy alone in EMPOWER-Lung 3 Overall Survival Data
  • *chemo=platinum-based chemotherapy
  • HR was based on stratified proportional hazards model.1

Reduction of risk of death HR=0.71

(95% CI, 0.53-0.93),

  • Number of deaths: 42% of patients (132 out of 312 patients) with LIBTAYO + chemotherapy and 53% of patients (82 out of 154 patients) with chemotherapy alone1
In patients with advanced NSCLC with no EGFR, ALK, ROS1 aberrations

Exploratory Analysis of Prespecified Histology Subgroup1,2


This is an exploratory analysis that was not powered to show a statistically significant difference in histologies. Firm conclusions
cannot be made based on these exploratory analyses.

Median OS, months (95% CI)
chemotherapy (n=133)
21.9 (15.6-NE)
13.8 (9.3-18.0)
HR (95% CI)*
0.56 (0.37-0.84)
  • Number of deaths (squamous): 43% of patients (57 out of 133) with LIBTAYO + chemotherapy and 58% of patients (39 out of 67) with chemotherapy alone
Median OS, months (95% CI)
chemotherapy (n=179)
15.8 (13.7-NE)
13.0 (10.0-NE)
HR (95% CI)*
0.79 (0.54-1.14)
  • Due to the capping applied to the enrollment of patients with squamous histology, follow-up was shorter in the non-squamous subset versus the squamous subset.
  • Number of deaths (nonsquamous): 42% of patients (75 out of 179) with LIBTAYO + chemotherapy and 49% of patients (43 out of 87) with chemotherapy alone
  • *HR <1 favors LIBTAYO.
  • Advanced NSCLC is locally advanced NSCLC where patients are not candidates for surgical resection of definitive chemoradiation or metastatic NSCLC
  • CI=confidence interval; HR=hazard ratio; OS=overall survival.